Sophisticated, One-Of-A-Kind Pieces of
Maritime Art for the Discriminating Collector

Are you searching for unique, sophisticated art work that honors your passion for the sea, sailing and maritime history?

Whether you are searching for a model ship for your desk, credenza or other small focal point in your home, office or yacht, each of these ship models makes a lasting impression with its beauty, realism, and authenticity.

Unlike many other types of art, ship and boat models created by Micro Maritime Art cannot be replicated by any known means. Every ship model we bring to life is an original, one-of-a-kind work of art.

Immense efforts are taken to follow the principles of artistic traditions of the past and present in order to create artistic ship models which have beauty, accuracy, precision, permanence, believability, and uniqueness found in no other ship models in the world.

  • Technical sophistication and accuracy of each piece is ensured through scholarly research and documentation.
  • Realism is attained through meticulous adherence to "scale" and their effects, the principles of the 16th century Flemish Renaissance painters, the 19th century Romantic movement, and 21st century realists.
  • Believability is obtained by placing each ship in a water setting and placing scale appropriate figures throughout the ship.

Model Ships with Breathtaking Realism and Authenticity

Through its founder, Dr. M. Craig Rosner, Micro Maritime Art has increased the artistic sophistication and realism of ship models by drawing from the techniques of the 16th century Flemish Renaissance, the 19th century Romantic Age, and 21st century realism. Each ship is portrayed in its interaction with the sea and crew resulting in an artwork permeated with the sense of movement, action and meaning. The technical and artistic complexity of each piece makes it one-of-a-kind and safe from reproduction.

We invite you to explore our ship models. Discover how they were built and the historical relevance of each piece.

Contact us for more information about the models, pricing, purchase, and delivery.

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